Cold and Trip

We bought new camera to our collection and it’s Olympus Trip 35 – camera that been created and introduced in 1967. The auto-exposure mechanism is effectively solar-powered! You just need to choose aperture, distance and ISO of your film.

Lens/aperture: 40mm f/2.8-f/22 Zuiko
Shutter Speed:  1/200th or 1/40th of a second and we get a perfect exposure. When the camera’s incapable of making an acceptable exposure, a little red flag shows up in the viewfinder and the shutter locks out.
ASA/ISO:  25, 40, 50, 64, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 320, and 400. The camera then makes the necessary adjustments for the shutter speed.

Official manual here

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Two wheels – Two feels

You probably already know my passion for motorcycles. This post isn’t one of those posts that tells you how cool and fancy shmancy riding a bike is – you know – the “wild and free” kinda stuff. Although, Marija is smiling in the second photo 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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DianaF+ and light painting

It is a fun technique to get this result. Actually, I love doing this with Lomo Fisheye and DianaF+ with flash help!
It is a double expo when one shot is a hot-flash and a object – person for example (with something like 1/100 shutter speed and f/8 aperture) and other shot is light painting (with B shutter speed).

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Hearing Damage

It’s strange how sometimes you know a song for at least few years and then one day you realise it’s about you. It happened to me with Thom Yorke’s Hearing damage song.

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A part of nature

One came from nature. One cannot be happy and free between artificial nature objects. Eventually, one has to go back to the roots. We need to regain the feeling of being a part of the nature not apart from it.

Large portraits

We have big old large format camera made in 1961. It was made in Belorussia long time ago and my dad , 4 years ago, somehow managed to take it and give it to me.

We used it together with Marijus and Domantas who also made a movie! We did just 5 shots and experimented with light and exposure settings a lot so don’t judge!

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No candies?

Christmas ended and candies as well… but not for kids 🙂

Shots from Copenhagen, Park Tivoli, 2017, August.

2018 round up

As 2018 ended we wanted to make our year round up. Here you will see our never (mostly) posted monthly photos. Check out those pics, read descriptions and without looking into the tag, try to identify the camera!

Some results for 2018

Polaroids48 pictures
135 films~53 films (around 1908 pictures)
120 films~25 films (around 300 pictures)
Large format5 photographs
Digital Camera Nikon D7000Used only once in a trip
New cameras5 (Lomography Fisheye 2, Halina 3000, Lomo Kino 35mm,
Disposable Thrift Shop Camera, Pentax Pino 35)
Marijus most used cameraZenit122
Marijas most used cameraRollei35T
Most used filmKodak Color Plus 200
Developer used~4 litres
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In the holy land

Some shots I took while visiting Jerusalem. I really like the Kentmere films and together with the Pentax Pino camera it makes a perfect travel kit!

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Boo party 2018

October 31st – Halloween party and it took place at my bros and Margo crib – this year and year before. It’s nice to party in a place where we lived before. For Halloween, Fisheye no 2 and simple Kodak Color 200 played really well.

Check it out!

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When sun is here

Don’t forget to appreciate the sun. It feels like a dream when it warms you.

Camera: Lomography Fisheye 2
Film: Kodak Gold 400

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Out of order

In a moment of fear
You dig in your heels
The pills won’t help you now
Once you’re crying

Camera: Zenit 122
Film: Kodak Color Plus 200

xmas tree-when you will be?

these double-exposure/2expo shots are taken with Rollei35T last year when we were visiting Christmas tree in Vilnius. Look how great 2expo works with those Xmas tree lights! 

Marijus is just about going to eat something from the market around.
Ohhh happy family!
Red cheeks and noses!

Airports & Airplanes

A few shots I took when I went to the States through Berlin. Strange things happen when you’re up in the sky for more than 12 hours.

Camera: Rollei 35T
Film: Ilford XP2

Just a heads up!
Reaction when you get to fly onboard a double deck airplane
That’s our ride!

water-camera/2017 summer

I got this funny water film camera from my boy. It is 35mm film camera with flash which, sadly, doesn’t work.

Here are some shots ! The film was already rolled so I don’t know brand or ISO but shots are quite grainy.

Migle and her hot bikini
my beautiful friend Migle 
I like my boy a lot 
Marijus showed me this place
Two of us 


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray

Johnny Cash

Film: Kodak ColorPlus (dipped in alcohol)
Camera: Rollei 35T

Old but new

Here’s a few shots from my expired Ilford FP4+ 125 film used with Zenza Bronica S2. These pictures were taken this summer and came out waaaay better than expected. I really love the grainy look that expired film gives. Hope you do too!

Film: Ilford FP4+ 125 (expired 1998)
Camera: Zenza Bronica S2

And here’s the camera used for these shots. It’s a Japanese made SLR camera from the 1960’s. You can hear it from a mile when it fires!

new home

My very close friend Domantas had just moved in to a new place so we bought plants to his new crib. Domantas is a blossom in my life.

camera: rollei35T
film: fujifilm superia 400

I like people who dream or talk to themselves interminably; I like them, for they are double. They are here and elsewhere.
A. Camus

Autumn is here

It’s that time of the year again. Falling leaves, the smell, the breeze.

Camera: FujiFilm ZoomDate 125s
Film: Ilford FP4+

kids & willow

with Renata we found this willow in front of the prison. we danced, talked, played and braided hair with it. and once she said that she even hears how willow whispers and calls us. 

Marijus is dreamy but especially when it is about cars. We went to the market to search for one but I found beautiful willow instead. 

Throwback to summer

Our balcony is a special place. We spend a lot of time during the summer.
This film was dipped in screen wash with ethanol. The fluid itself was green so it added a nice green filter.

Film: Kodak ColorPlus
Camera: Rollei 35T

Cocktail film

Together with Marijus we made this little experiment with our colour films – before taking it to photolab to develop, we soaked films in chosen liquids. 

I mixed rum (alcohol), blue syrup, orange juice. I let my film drink it for a day or two and then put it in a glass of water for one day. Then my film dried on the radiator for more than a week. In a dark room, I rolled my film to a new and empty film roll because the original one was sticky and sugary.

film: fujifilm 
camera: fujifilm zoomdate 125s

Changing perspective

Film: Ilford FP4+
Camera: FujiFilm ZoomDate 125s

It just sometimes happen that you have to change perspective of things.


September ended with Zenit11 camera mixed with Pentacon 1,8/50 lenses. We spent our time at the Marijus place. Here are some shots. I always use Zenit with Helios lenses but this time I took another chance.

film: agfa vista plus 400
camera: zenit 11, pentacon 1,8/50 lenses

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