Maria the girl

Photography facts
first time I used film: 2010, autumn
first film camera: Lomo Fisheye 2
film cameras that I have and that actually works: around 25
film cameras that I have but those are not working: around 15
favorite camera: Rollei 35T and Yashica 635
35mm or 120 film: 120film
favourite photographer: Annie Leibovitz

Personal details
Name: Marija
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Band 4 life: Radiohead
Hobbies: football, classical literature, cars, hiking and of course photography, yooooga, climbing trees and buildings, drinking coffee, lying in bed and eating nice chips, eating Migle candies, sitting on back on motorcycle and going whenever he drives, dancing Lindyyyhop
Industry in which I am spending my min. 40 hours/week: IT
My favourite place to be: woods!

Photography for me started in 2008 with standard and classical digital Nikon D60 camera. I got to understand all exposition details such as shutter, ISO and exposure. Playing with light and composition prepared me to try film. I started to use film cameras in 2010, in 10th grade when I got Lomo Fisheye 2 camera. Double exposures, flash and fun degree of lenses was not enough so I bought old and manual FEB5B. Then it all started and since that day I used many many many film cameras. Explored with Camera Obscura – made cameras from cans, boxes and even in rooms in houses.
I participated in exhibitions and press conference, did publications in Lithuanian and global magazines.

Together with my boy we figured out that we use film a lot in daily life and trips. Out apartment is full with films and cameras and we are teaching each other as well. So the idea is to have something where we put what we have realized with different cameras and films.

Soooo yes, this is our life through lenses.