Mario the boy

It’s a me! Mario!

I have tried to avoid writing about myself for a while now. Haha. But now here I am starting to write about myself!

My real name is Marijus but it is easier to pronounce Mario and it sounds almost like my real name. I have been into photography for a while now. I remember that when I was about 10 we received some spam mail (I am talking about real mail, not email ?) with a camera on it. It was an ad for a subscription to get cards with animals every month and if you subscribe until some date you will get a free film camera! So I convinced my parents that I really want that camera and they got it for me as-well-as those cards with animals, haha. ? I would really love to see what photos did I take with it. Sadly – I have no idea where to find them.

Going digital

Later on, we got our first digital camera. Can not remember what camera was it but it was a really simple one. Had a small screen only for battery indication and shot counting; a viewfinder and probably two buttons – on/off and shoot. I remember that photos taken with it were much much worse than those taken on film. BUT IT WAS DIGITAL! At that time I was amazed that I could take a lot of shots, dump them to my PC and shoot again!

Another digital (sadly) camera that I would like to mention is – Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50. I really fell in love with that camera! It had Leica (!!) lens, manual settings, etc. Now this is the camera that taught me what is ISO, exposure, shutter speed, WB and so on. I still have this camera and it’s working! Although I did not use it for a while now.

Back to the roots

When I started my bachelor degree I was a bit bored from taking digital photos. I have found my parents’ old Soviet Zenit-E in the attic and started shooting film again. Slowly. A roll a quarter maybe. What is funny though, that Maria had scanned films for me! We were studying together and photography was one of the things we had in common.

So here I am now taking analog photos. I’m really thankful to Maria for getting me back into photography. She had the enthusiasm and inspired me to not let go of this great hobby!

You can check out my collection of photos at ->