Dovile and Emilis celebrating fun and love!

On 22th of July, 2017 my lovely friend Dovile said YAP to her future husband boy Emilis. We had fun whole day, we danced a lot and took these nice photos with my vintage Diana F+ white camera which looks like a toy+hot flash (look here).

I like Diana F+ because it is very simple camera. The very only thing what is needed for good photos is l i g h t or good flash 🙂


here is me, Dovile (the bride) and Vaida – we met each other in company that we worked in. somehow we  created connection. Vaida which is on left looks like presidents wife Michelle.  

and here is me and Mario. we were taken by Vaida so all thanks to her! 


Paliepiai ai ai ai!

July, summer. We both were playing with this nice Vilia-Auto camera. I did some 2expo photographs! Also some shots were hit by light!

Tik fotografijose
mes sėdim tvarkingai
ir valgom skaniau,
o ir šakutės skolintos
(iš kur tas sidabras pas mus). / Rimantas Kmita

Hot Timid Kooky Jams

My friends have nice band named Timid Kooky (go listen, they just released CD Tanzen, its very kreizeeee). 1st and 4th photographs are from their last show, Dziugas dad made this cool lamp which represents their name. 2nd and 3rd photos are from their studio where they are jamming.

As always – pick taken with Rollei 35T and with hot Diana+ flash.

Šmagą pelkėj Kanda uodai,
Alkani Skraido Varnai
Pelkėj sausa,
Vienas drugys,
Manau Å¡iandien,
Å iandien lis

Let’s go sun, let’s go football

This one I took in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria. We were heading to cafe to watch Champions League. Sunset was adorable. Dad was waiting for a match as much as I did. And actually, that game scored all expectations. Everyone were watching it (Marijus also watched from home!). So, one week and games will be around again.

Sun is dangerous there.


Double exposure through fisheye on May 14th

I guess that Lomo Fish Eye 2 was my very first film camera that I got on 2010. Since then I took many photos with this funny and simple camera.
These are double-exposure photographs are taken on my 23rd birthday. Together with Marijus we were playing all around. No wishes were needed at all.

2017 May 14th


Used old film which expired at 1998, developed I guuuuuesssss with Ilford Perceptol. Actually, I don’t remember. Good and old film stuff I randomly got from one old guy.

Photography is taken in Auschwitz concentration camp (B) last year on New Years eve.

Fotoaparatas buvo toks Å¡altas ir garsus, kaip Å¡autuvas.

man taip patinka

Niekada neišsipildome. Esam dvi bedugnės –
į dangų įsižiūrėjęs šulinys.
Fernando Pessoa

be right back, moving house

#4 – Senoji Varėna-Vilnius

And you, you see it all
I have no place to hide
Or worries to give
And I am sitting over here, looking for the answers
Working it out, one day at a time
And I am sitting over here, looking for the answers
Working it out, one day at a time
One day at a time
– Ghostpoet


Palei darbo vakarus, norėtasi kartais tik nuvažiuoti ir tik pasedėti, aplink molingą krantą. Ir ramų vandenį.

A lamp in the Woods

Rugsėjį, kai avietės nusirpo,
Jie rinko jas kartu su mumis.
/Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

74.4mph Outpouride

Zadar > Plitvice

Nuvargę, ištroškę , jie gėrė, atsigulę žolėje, iš mažų upokšnių tyrą vandenį (P.Cvirka)