I really like these two photos. Especially the second one. I like the details in it – the sharpness in the skin, the eyes, the mood of it! And of course – my Maria! 🙂

I took this photo on a ferry to Saaremaa on our anniversary trip to the place where it all started. I had my beloved Zenit 122 camera with Kentmere 100 film in it (which add grainy look I love).


We really spend a lot of time at our workplaces so I thought – why not to share some of the moments I captured at mine! Different cameras were used for these shots.

It’s spring finally!

It might look narcissistic but I really like this photo. It shows that spring is finally here. Also Maria is in this photo – well at least remotely. I was talking to her on my phone and she said ‘Hey, take a photo of us!’ and this is what came out 🙂


You know – life sometimes comes to a point where you just have to show your middle finger to it.

My head is spinning like a record. Literally.

This was one of my attempts to play with double exposure. It came out pretty good, in my opinion. We really enjoy listening to vinyls. Feels real. Maybe it is because of the same reason as why we love analog photography. Who knows!

Drum roll

You start hearing drums somewhere. You walk towards them. The closer you get, the weirder it gets. Randomly walked into some kind of a street carnival in Barcelona.

Again and again and again and again

There is not much to say about this photograph. Thanks to Maria I started to notice and appreciate patterns. Although it is a really simple photo but there is something to it.


Taken in Barcelona, Spain (February of 2018) with Lomo Smena Symbol camera and Kodak Color Plus 200 film.

Mirror mirror… But I’m not a mirror

I really like that we share the same passion – photography. What’s funny is that we have a lot of photos from ‘both sides’. That’s why I call it ‘Mirror mirror’.

Camera: Zenit 122

Film: Ilford SFX 200

Morning Rush

Every morning we rushed through here after we overslept everyday.


Camera: Kodak Retinette

Film: Some color film. I’m sorry, but I can’t remember 🙁


Camera: Zenit-E

Film: Kodak Color Plus 200