Autumn vibes

Nothing special going on. Just Lithuanian autumn vibes.


It’s my first time shooting this camera. The images came out really good! It’s sad though that the lcd screen is broken so I can’t set a proper date.

all good things are wild and free (thoreau​)

camera: Yashica635
film: Kodak Portra 400 
double expo

Gamta, sukūrusi jį, davė jam tvirtą kūną ir pasitenkinimą žmonėmis – kad nugyventų visus jam skirtus metus kaip vaikas. Jis buvo toks nuoširdus ir neužterštas, kad nežinotum, kaip jį pristatyti žmonėms, – tas pats, kaip norėtum pristatyti savo kaimynui švilpiką. Kiekvienas turi jį pažinti pats.

H. D. Toro (Voldenas, arba gyvenimas miške)

Us in instant shots

Sometimes the best photos turn out to be the ones that were taken instantly without giving it another shot. It is even kinda ironic that the one of the best photo of me and Maria together is the one that we didn’t even know if the film was in the camera. So here are some shots / selfies taken with Polaroid 600.

This is the one I’m talking about. It looks ridiculously good!
Changing perspective.
In Plitvice, Croatia. We went on a mototrip there.
This is what happens when you have to write you bachelor’s course work. 
Our trip to Croatia finish. We thank our motorcycle for caring us safely.
Our first photo together.
Back in Saaremaa, Estonia. It’s a magical place.
Two smartypants with their diplomas.
Well… Just look at it yourself!

kiss me twice

it is so hard to explain how happy I am to play with cameras and you. 
camera: Yashica635
film: Kodak Portra 400

double expo

kiss me once or kiss me twice
kiss me sweet
 but kiss me nice
listennnn to!
The famous Yashica

Home | Buitekas

There are people which doesn’t get too attached to their home. They like to go out all the time and just need a place to sleep. Another type of people is those to whom home is very important. Me and Maria are these kind of people. As much as we love to go out, travel, etc. We really love spending time at home – ours or one of our parents.

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It waaaaas about May and we both had free time to do whatever we wanted.

Camera: Zenit122 
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
He was a boy, she was a girl
Can I make it any more obvious?
Oh and beautiful TT which is gone now. 
A girl. 
And a boy. 
He's just a boy and I'm just a girl
Can I make it any more obvious?
We are in love, haven't you heard
How we rock each other's world?

Opener’18 festival

July 4-8 in Gdynia we were dancing and singing in Opener festival. For me, it was 4th time and for Mario it was 2nd. We were travelling to the festival by motorcycle and that was hard especially this time because we had so much stuff. I took Polaroid 600 and Rollei35T cameras and used FujiSuperia400 film. Just like the 2nd time in Opener (2016) –  it was impossible without football and pitch was prepared for that. We have got super lucky to get into a party in a van which drove us from Gdynia to Opener area. Last day with the last line-upper Bruno Mars – show with fireworks.

Main stars for Opener’18: Gorillaz for sure.


Lost Souls

We all look for a way to save ourselves from the harsh reality. Each of us find different ways to do that. For me – one way is music.


 Last July week was spent in a forest. We had 4 cameras, food, lake, tent, books and each other. 

Fishes around legs, biting and following you.

These are taken with Lomo Fisheye 2 that we bought recently. We took these Bulb photographs of each other:

Marijus took it but later on we talked that it needed more light. 
I took Marijus but it also could be with more light.

We had Christmas lights and flash+bulb combination here worked good:

Rave in forest.

This is were we had breakfasts, lunches and dinners:

Then we had some swimmers-guests who loved spending time and playing in the water just like we did.

I follow you

I, I follow, I follow you
Deep sea baby, I follow you
I, I follow, I follow you
Dark doom honey, I follow you

Lykke Li

Following Maria in Amsterdam
Just some plant

I like following Maria. I like taking pictures of her. Maria likes all kinds of plants. I like taking pictures of her watching blossoming plants. 

I think Maria looks nice between plants. She talks to them.

Some other plants
Tram in Amsterdam. At first I thought that it was out of focus but then realised it is even better this way.

I like to follow Maria in trams and trains. She wanders through the window into the nature and people.

On a train to the beach near Amsterdam. Morning coffee.
In Amsterdam’s zoo

I also have to follow her instructions. Even though at that time I might not look like I am enjoying that, but – I like following her. She looks happy while taking photos of me.

Different sides
On our way to party @ Open’er 2018

Motorcycles and rocks

Camera: Lomo Fisheye 2 (click to see how it looks like)
Film: 35mm, Kodak Gold 200

At the end of the July, we started our voyage toward Prague. We have also visited Teplice rocks, spent time in Katowice, walked through Prague and with our way back – rested in a big traffic, slept in creepy camping and had some unexpected motorcycle issues!

It was pretty hard to take this pic because the camera is light and the wind is a speedway is quite big.

When I am not sleeping or reading I see this view all the time!

Katowice and saying goodbye to one guy who made this road with us.

Teplice rocks:

Traffic hit me

It’s on fire!

Another film that I took on our vacation is Fuji Velvia. It was cross-developed and came out as fire!


June ended with great World Cup matches in Amsterdam. We went there to see and finally hear Jack White. Amsterdam was cute, wheeled, warm, tasty and floral.

I took Rollei35T with Kodak Color Plus.

Žmonės sakė, kad mums labai pasisekė – taip šilta Amstery nebūna. Prabuvę keturias dienas ten ir grįžę Lietuvon ir pasakoję, kaip sekėsi, tik pokalbio gale prisimindavom, kad važiavom ten ne miesto aplankyt, o Jacko pamatyt.

Getting familiar with Diana F+

Finally tried Diana F+. I really wanted to shoot more with 120 film. This is how it went.

Somewhere near Warsaw. Put up a new front tire and had a lunch.

Our gang in Prague, Czech Republic

A view to Prague’s famous bridge

My film rolled a bit while in a bag so – two photos in one!

Walking in the woods of Teplice, Czech Republic

Standing on top of the rocks. It’s the first shot I took in this film.

A little throwback

Some time ago, probably around 2016, I took these photos on an evening ride with my friends. I can’t recall if it was really Kodak Gold film, but probably.

A self-portairt on my motorcycle’s mirror


David with his old Suzuki

Self-Portraits and 120 FILM

First 6×6 format camera I bought when I was 17 years old, it was 2011. These photgraphs are taken with Lubitel 166B (my first 120 Camera), Yashica 635, Diana F+ and Moskva 4B.

Shoots: 2011-2015

Film: Ektar, Portra, Ilford FP4+

Lubitel 166B, 2011/september, FIRST LIUBITEL SHOT

Moskva 4B, January2013, very cold, no chance to see sun. My friends mom camera:

Diana F+, 2014 October, Trakai, House full of cats and one big dog, I’m alone:


Yashica 635 and triple-exp, 12th grade, autumn, no kids outside, cold:

Yashica 635, Vivian Mayer did many self-port with sad figure, my first apartment:

Yashica 635, 2012 December, moms coat and old dog:

Lubteil 166B and double-expo, 2011 november, Israel:

Lubitel166B, me in my own room, 2011 Winter, Check Republic:

Lubitel166B and tulips

Oh, c’mooon!

It’s funny. I went through my recent scans and figured that I took photo of my friends when their faces were like – “Oh, c’mooon!”. So a little compilation from me on funny faces 🙂

I believe, that Martynas said “What the..?” after I took this photo.

Tomas doesn’t like the idea of going up high hills.

Deividas can’t understand what are those women looking at.

This Kid (A).

We met almost 5 years ago and I had a chance to understand how serious and playful you are. Also sleepy all the time. And hungry.
You are my Kid A, as one of my favourite Radiohead album.

2017 April, Klaipeda and Vilnius.

Camera details
Yashica 635 – double format DLR camera which uses 120 film. Presented in 1958. It has possibility to use 35 mm film as well with adaptor kit. Camera looks so gorgeous.
I bought it when I was in 11th grade in Vilnius and back then it costs me around 200 EUR.
Film – Ilford FP4+ 125.
Developer – I guess it was Ilford Perceptol with grain.

Going full-power!

There are times in life when you have to go full power! I guess this photo represents how it looks like. ?

One of my earlier analog photographs. I can’t remember what film I used for it but it was taken with my beloved Zenit-E camera.

Youth in Lazdynai

Walks around our home near the woods. Took it with Rollei35T with Fuji 400 film.

Mes gyvenam prie miško, labai arti. Pasirodo, šalia yra ir ežeras. Taip pat yra toks kalnas, nuo kurio matosi toliai ir miškai, vedantys už Vilniaus į Trakų pusę.
Gera Lazdynuose.


It was my very first Opener. (2015 July 1-4 in Gdynia). For us it was such a magical time because we waited for it whole year. We were talking about line-ups and artists and preparing for festival since September 1st in 2014 when we bought fan tickets.

I took Zenit11 camera with Kodak Color Plus film. Actually, it is forbidden to take camera to Opener area but they do not consider Zenit as professional one – so they let me in. I also was using Polaroid 600 camera there.

2015 Opener Line-up had Alabama Shakes, A$AP Rocky, Alt-J, Chet Faker, Die Antwoord (!!), Disclosure, Eagles of Death Metal, Faithless, Flume, Johnny Greenwood, Jose Gonzalez, Kasabian (!!), Modest Mouse, St Vincent, Swans, The Prodigy. Such a wonderful line-up for 4 days. 

Funny was always to ask people to take photo with Polaroid of all us because mostly people there were like – what to push, whats next and so on.

This shot was taken when were running to see Chet Faker. Auguste is happy because we managed to take 1 beer from car and nobody took it from us.   

Here is the most festival shot of Dziugas and Marija. I asked them to kiss and Marija found this place. They are very beautiful couple.

This is me and my close friend Tomas who is musician as well and one day he will perform at Opener Stage. I had pastel violet hair near roots.   This is one of the first shows where you see A$AP Rocky. I waited for him so much.   Beach Gdynia Babie Doly where we were resting. Its like 5km from camping. Mykolas which is first from right side looks like he is representing dentist job.

This place was our safe spot. If someone loses you, you know where to find your friend. 

The Feel of Freedom

Pentax Pino 35 / Kodak Ultramax 400

I’ve been thinking about writing a story post for a while now. Didn’t feel like doing it until now, though. But recently I took a good series of motorcycle photos and thought that I want to tell you more about how motorcycles make me feel.

Zenit 122 / Ilford Pan 100

First wind

My relationship with motorcycles started a long time. When I was a kid my parents had an old Iž Planeta 5 motorcycle. My dad would take me together when going somewhere with it. I remember how I loved feeling the wind going through my hair. Later, when I was around 12 years old I got my first bike – Riga moped. It had pedals and a small two-stroke engine. I remember how I used to push that bike for it to start. When I had it I understood that I can tinker it a bit and it would run better and faster. Guess that’s the time I started to work on machines.

Zenit 122 / Ilford Pan 100

It did not disappear

The love for motorcycles didn’t go anywhere. From those days I knew that I would always ride a bike. It makes me feel confident. As a matter of fact – just yesterday I had my driving exam and passed it! ? Now I can ride whatever motorcycle I want; no more restrictions! ?

Pentax Pino 35 / Kodak Ultramax 400

Owning a motorcycle

There is something special about owning and riding a motorcycle. One thing is that you have to work on your motorcycle. You have to take care of it if you want it to be trustworthy. It’s like having a real relatioship – you have to put effort and show respect if you want to receive the same. It might look like your motorcycle should be the one serving you. And that is true. You should not be your motorcycle’s slave. But don’t expect your motorcycle to do all the work!

Pentax Pino 35 / Kodak Ultramax 400

Riding a motorcycle

Another thing about motorcycles that drives me is when you ride your motorcycle. IT JUST FEELS DAMN GOOD! It makes me feel calm and restores confidence. I feel that I can achieve anything I want when I ride my motorcycle. And the community of motorcycle drivers – you feel as a part of people who likes the feel of freedom; people who is open-minded; people who loves motorcycles. You even greet other motorcyclists when you meet them on road! ?

Pentax Pino 35 / Kodak Ultramax 400

I guess that’s it for now. Maybe I inspired you a bit to get yourself a motorcycle and join this journey. If not – at least I hope you liked the photos! Have a good one!


Roque Nublo and owners

Film taken in 2018, February, in Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria. In 1st and 2nd you see young French father who climbed to this peak together with his child and father. 3rd photograph is about German couple. They had just moved in, somewhere in Germany. When you are in mountains you are alone or you are with someone. Pity, but I was on my own, sitting, climbing and wondering how beautiful it would be to play here with my friend, with Mario. We will go to the mountains, soooon!

Ir kalnuose visada būna taip – vieni pamato ir nori lipti žemyn, išsigalvoja kaip nori namo ar tikina esą pavargę. Apačioje visada būna ko užkasti ir atsigerti. Kiti užkopę mato neprieitas vietas ir kalnų grindinis, kur galėtų prisėsti. Teritorija pasisavina ir ten lieka, žiūri, skaito, rašo arba galvoja.

Jeigu gamtoje ir yra kas nors nuostabaus, tai kalnai. Ir tik dėl to, kad jie atrodo kaip griuvėsiai. Didžiulio, mistinio miesto griuvėsiai. (Sigitas)

Hello Barcelona!

A throwback to our trip to Barcelona. Had a wonderful time in a wonderful city with Maria. Although first thing that comes into mind is locals every three to five meters whispering – ‘Coffee shop? Cannabis?”. ?‍♂️


It was my 3rd Opener festival which takes place in Gdynia, Poland. People are here for many reasons. Mine was beloved Radiohead which I have seen and heard twice in mah laif. Marijus came for Foo Fighters and Auguste was here for M.I.A.

Marijus looked so hip hop.

People standing and waiting for Radiohead concert. We waited for 3 hours to be as close as possible!

So happy people banging after concert. We were just sitting and impressed about the musicians and Yorke and lights and techno.