Old but new

Here’s a few shots from my expired Ilford FP4+ 125 film used with Zenza Bronica S2. These pictures were taken this summer and came out waaaay better than expected. I really love the grainy look that expired film gives. Hope you do too!

Film: Ilford FP4+ 125 (expired 1998)
Camera: Zenza Bronica S2

And here’s the camera used for these shots. It’s a Japanese made SLR camera from the 1960’s. You can hear it from a mile when it fires!

all good things are wild and free (thoreau​)

camera: Yashica635
film: Kodak Portra 400 
double expo

Gamta, sukūrusi jį, davė jam tvirtą kūną ir pasitenkinimą žmonėmis – kad nugyventų visus jam skirtus metus kaip vaikas. Jis buvo toks nuoširdus ir neužterštas, kad nežinotum, kaip jį pristatyti žmonėms, – tas pats, kaip norėtum pristatyti savo kaimynui švilpiką. Kiekvienas turi jį pažinti pats.

H. D. Toro (Voldenas, arba gyvenimas miške)

kiss me twice

it is so hard to explain how happy I am to play with cameras and you. 
camera: Yashica635
film: Kodak Portra 400

double expo

kiss me once or kiss me twice
kiss me sweet
 but kiss me nice
listennnn to!
The famous Yashica

It’s on fire!

Another film that I took on our vacation is Fuji Velvia. It was cross-developed and came out as fire!

Getting familiar with Diana F+

Finally tried Diana F+. I really wanted to shoot more with 120 film. This is how it went.

Somewhere near Warsaw. Put up a new front tire and had a lunch.

Our gang in Prague, Czech Republic

A view to Prague’s famous bridge

My film rolled a bit while in a bag so – two photos in one!

Walking in the woods of Teplice, Czech Republic

Standing on top of the rocks. It’s the first shot I took in this film.

Self-Portraits and 120 FILM

First 6×6 format camera I bought when I was 17 years old, it was 2011. These photgraphs are taken with Lubitel 166B (my first 120 Camera), Yashica 635, Diana F+ and Moskva 4B.

Shoots: 2011-2015

Film: Ektar, Portra, Ilford FP4+

Lubitel 166B, 2011/september, FIRST LIUBITEL SHOT

Moskva 4B, January2013, very cold, no chance to see sun. My friends mom camera:

Diana F+, 2014 October, Trakai, House full of cats and one big dog, I’m alone:


Yashica 635 and triple-exp, 12th grade, autumn, no kids outside, cold:

Yashica 635, Vivian Mayer did many self-port with sad figure, my first apartment:

Yashica 635, 2012 December, moms coat and old dog:

Lubteil 166B and double-expo, 2011 november, Israel:

Lubitel166B, me in my own room, 2011 Winter, Check Republic:

Lubitel166B and tulips

This Kid (A).

We met almost 5 years ago and I had a chance to understand how serious and playful you are. Also sleepy all the time. And hungry.
You are my Kid A, as one of my favourite Radiohead album.

2017 April, Klaipeda and Vilnius.

Camera details
Yashica 635 – double format DLR camera which uses 120 film. Presented in 1958. It has possibility to use 35 mm film as well with adaptor kit. Camera looks so gorgeous.
I bought it when I was in 11th grade in Vilnius and back then it costs me around 200 EUR.
Film – Ilford FP4+ 125.
Developer – I guess it was Ilford Perceptol with grain.

Dovile and Emilis celebrating fun and love!

On 22th of July, 2017 my lovely friend Dovile said YAP to her future husband boy Emilis. We had fun whole day, we danced a lot and took these nice photos with my vintage Diana F+ white camera which looks like a toy+hot flash (look here).

I like Diana F+ because it is very simple camera. The very only thing what is needed for good photos is l i g h t or good flash 🙂


here is me, Dovile (the bride) and Vaida – we met each other in company that we worked in. somehow we  created connection. Vaida which is on left looks like presidents wife Michelle.  

and here is me and Mario. we were taken by Vaida so all thanks to her! 



Used old film which expired at 1998, developed I guuuuuesssss with Ilford Perceptol. Actually, I don’t remember. Good and old film stuff I randomly got from one old guy.

Photography is taken in Auschwitz concentration camp (B) last year on New Years eve.

Fotoaparatas buvo toks šaltas ir garsus, kaip šautuvas.