Hello Barcelona!

A throwback to our trip to Barcelona. Had a wonderful time in a wonderful city with Maria. Although first thing that comes into mind is locals every three to five meters whispering – ‘Coffee shop? Cannabis?”. ?‍♂️


We really spend a lot of time at our workplaces so I thought – why not to share some of the moments I captured at mine! Different cameras were used for these shots.

Drum roll

You start hearing drums somewhere. You walk towards them. The closer you get, the weirder it gets. Randomly walked into some kind of a street carnival in Barcelona.

Again and again and again and again

There is not much to say about this photograph. Thanks to Maria I started to notice and appreciate patterns. Although it is a really simple photo but there is something to it.


Taken in Barcelona, Spain (February of 2018) with Lomo Smena Symbol camera and Kodak Color Plus 200 film.