No candies?

Christmas ended and candies as well… but not for kids 🙂

Shots from Copenhagen, Park Tivoli, 2017, August.

xmas tree-when you will be?

these double-exposure/2expo shots are taken with Rollei35T last year when we were visiting Christmas tree in Vilnius. Look how great 2expo works with those Xmas tree lights! 

Marijus is just about going to eat something from the market around.
Ohhh happy family!
Red cheeks and noses!

Airports & Airplanes

A few shots I took when I went to the States through Berlin. Strange things happen when you’re up in the sky for more than 12 hours.

Camera: Rollei 35T
Film: Ilford XP2

Just a heads up!
Reaction when you get to fly onboard a double deck airplane
That’s our ride!


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray

Johnny Cash

Film: Kodak ColorPlus (dipped in alcohol)
Camera: Rollei 35T

new home

My very close friend Domantas had just moved in to a new place so we bought plants to his new crib. Domantas is a blossom in my life.

camera: rollei35T
film: fujifilm superia 400

I like people who dream or talk to themselves interminably; I like them, for they are double. They are here and elsewhere.
A. Camus

Throwback to summer

Our balcony is a special place. We spend a lot of time during the summer.
This film was dipped in screen wash with ethanol. The fluid itself was green so it added a nice green filter.

Film: Kodak ColorPlus
Camera: Rollei 35T

Opener’18 festival

July 4-8 in Gdynia we were dancing and singing in Opener festival. For me, it was 4th time and for Mario it was 2nd. We were travelling to the festival by motorcycle and that was hard especially this time because we had so much stuff. I took Polaroid 600 and Rollei35T cameras and used FujiSuperia400 film. Just like the 2nd time in Opener (2016) –  it was impossible without football and pitch was prepared for that. We have got super lucky to get into a party in a van which drove us from Gdynia to Opener area. Last day with the last line-upper Bruno Mars – show with fireworks.

Main stars for Opener’18: Gorillaz for sure.



June ended with great World Cup matches in Amsterdam. We went there to see and finally hear Jack White. Amsterdam was cute, wheeled, warm, tasty and floral.

I took Rollei35T with Kodak Color Plus.

Žmonės sakė, kad mums labai pasisekė – taip Å¡ilta Amstery nebÅ«na. Prabuvę keturias dienas ten ir grįžę Lietuvon ir pasakoję, kaip sekėsi, tik pokalbio gale prisimindavom, kad važiavom ten ne miesto aplankyt, o Jacko pamatyt.

Youth in Lazdynai

Walks around our home near the woods. Took it with Rollei35T with Fuji 400 film.

Mes gyvenam prie miško, labai arti. Pasirodo, šalia yra ir ežeras. Taip pat yra toks kalnas, nuo kurio matosi toliai ir miškai, vedantys už Vilniaus į Trakų pusę.
Gera Lazdynuose.

Slowly we unfurl – As lotus flowers

2017 June
Gdynia, Opener Festival
Camera Rollei 35T
Agfa Vista Plus 400 filmB

Mes žydime tik vieną kartą,
Taigi visom spalvom žydėkim.
[Vytautas Mačernis]


Roque Nublo and owners

Film taken in 2018, February, in Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria. In 1st and 2nd you see young French father who climbed to this peak together with his child and father. 3rd photograph is about German couple. They had just moved in, somewhere in Germany. When you are in mountains you are alone or you are with someone. Pity, but I was on my own, sitting, climbing and wondering how beautiful it would be to play here with my friend, with Mario. We will go to the mountains, soooon!

Ir kalnuose visada bÅ«na taip – vieni pamato ir nori lipti žemyn, iÅ¡sigalvoja kaip nori namo ar tikina esą pavargę. Apačioje visada bÅ«na ko užkasti ir atsigerti. Kiti užkopę mato neprieitas vietas ir kalnų grindinis, kur galėtų prisėsti. Teritorija pasisavina ir ten lieka, žiÅ«ri, skaito, raÅ¡o arba galvoja.

Jeigu gamtoje ir yra kas nors nuostabaus, tai kalnai. Ir tik dėl to, kad jie atrodo kaip griuvėsiai. Didžiulio, mistinio miesto griuvėsiai. (Sigitas)


It was my 3rd Opener festival which takes place in Gdynia, Poland. People are here for many reasons. Mine was beloved Radiohead which I have seen and heard twice in mah laif. Marijus came for Foo Fighters and Auguste was here for M.I.A.

Marijus looked so hip hop.

People standing and waiting for Radiohead concert. We waited for 3 hours to be as close as possible!

So happy people banging after concert. We were just sitting and impressed about the musicians and Yorke and lights and techno.

Hot Timid Kooky Jams

My friends have nice band named Timid Kooky (go listen, they just released CD Tanzen, its very kreizeeee). 1st and 4th photographs are from their last show, Dziugas dad made this cool lamp which represents their name. 2nd and 3rd photos are from their studio where they are jamming.

As always – pick taken with Rollei 35T and with hot Diana+ flash.

Šmagą pelkėj Kanda uodai,
Alkani Skraido Varnai
Pelkėj sausa,
Vienas drugys,
Manau Å¡iandien,
Å iandien lis

Let’s go sun, let’s go football

This one I took in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria. We were heading to cafe to watch Champions League. Sunset was adorable. Dad was waiting for a match as much as I did. And actually, that game scored all expectations. Everyone were watching it (Marijus also watched from home!). So, one week and games will be around again.

Sun is dangerous there.



Palei darbo vakarus, norėtasi kartais tik nuvažiuoti ir tik pasedėti, aplink molingą krantą. Ir ramų vandenį.

A lamp in the Woods

Rugsėjį, kai avietės nusirpo,
Jie rinko jas kartu su mumis.
/Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

74.4mph Outpouride

Zadar > Plitvice

Nuvargę, ištroškę , jie gėrė, atsigulę žolėje, iš mažų upokšnių tyrą vandenį (P.Cvirka)