A part of nature

One came from nature. One cannot be happy and free between artificial nature objects. Eventually, one has to go back to the roots. We need to regain the feeling of being a part of the nature not apart from it.

Oh, c’mooon!

It’s funny. I went through my recent scans and figured that I took photo of my friends when their faces were like – “Oh, c’mooon!”. So a little compilation from me on funny faces 🙂

I believe, that Martynas said “What the..?” after I took this photo.

Tomas doesn’t like the idea of going up high hills.

Deividas can’t understand what are those women looking at.

Going full-power!

There are times in life when you have to go full power! I guess this photo represents how it looks like. ?

One of my earlier analog photographs. I can’t remember what film I used for it but it was taken with my beloved Zenit-E camera.


We really spend a lot of time at our workplaces so I thought – why not to share some of the moments I captured at mine! Different cameras were used for these shots.


Camera: Zenit-E

Film: Kodak Color Plus 200