Autumn is here

It’s that time of the year again. Falling leaves, the smell, the breeze.

Camera: FujiFilm ZoomDate 125s
Film: Ilford FP4+

Changing perspective

Film: Ilford FP4+
Camera: FujiFilm ZoomDate 125s

It just sometimes happen that you have to change perspective of things.

Autumn vibes

Nothing special going on. Just Lithuanian autumn vibes.


It’s my first time shooting this camera. The images came out really good! It’s sad though that the lcd screen is broken so I can’t set a proper date.

74.4mph Outpouride

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Nuvargę, ištroškę , jie gėrė, atsigulę žolėje, iš mažų upokšnių tyrą vandenį (P.Cvirka)