Two wheels – Two feels

You probably already know my passion for motorcycles. This post isn’t one of those posts that tells you how cool and fancy shmancy riding a bike is – you know – the “wild and free” kinda stuff. Although, Marija is smiling in the second photo 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Travelling on a bike can become challenging for your relationship. You must realise that riding a bike for 8 to 10 hours a day with the helmet on makes you think a lot. Also you cannot stand up whenever you want or just to stretch your muscles. Your butt starts to hurt like hell. You try to talk while going 100+km\h through intercom and mostly what you hear is wind. You always hear noise. At least for me things like white noise and other noises doesn’t help to relax.

Somewhere in Poland. We both been pissed at each other.

It makes sense that you get tired from all that. It makes sense that you get pissed for not hearing properly each other via radio. Even small things start to bother you.

All this sounds frustrating and it is! Albeit there are lots of good feelings. When you get off the bike you can start blaming for something and then just stop. And hug each other realising that none of these frustrations have any meaning. It’s only because travelling on a motorcycle can be physically hard. It really does make you feel great mentally! It does make you feel wild and free!

Poland, Gdynia. Open’er festival. Not much motorcycles here. But we were there and we were happy there!

I’m really glad that we can travel together. Motorcycles have become a big part of my life and my identity. Looks like Marija is also really into it! You should try it too!

Pentax Pino 35
Kodak Color Plus 200, 35mm